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  • Company Description

    Avantium develops innovative chemistry technologies across industry value chains in order to produce chemicals and materials based on renewable feedstock instead of fossil resources.Avantium also provides advanced catalysis products and services to organisations looking to gain efficiency in their processes. Avantium produces chemicals from renewable sources for a wide range of consumer goods such as plastics and textiles. They produce the novel plastic PEF: 100% plant-based, recyclable and degradable with superior performance.

  • Company Type


  • Geographical Information

    Region: Europe

    Country: Netherlands

    City/Town: Amsterdam

  • Technological Information

    Info on utilization:

    - Electrochemical conversion

    - Catalytic conversion

    CO2 Source: Varied (Point sources)

    CCU Tecnology Category: Utilization

    Tecnology Readiness Level: 6

  • Technological Details

    CO2 capture/Utilization:

    Production Volume:

  • Product Information

    Product Categories:

    - Fuels

    - Chemicals

    Specific Product(s): High-value chemicals such as glyoxylic acid and glycolic acid, chemical building blocks (FDCA, PlantMEG™), Polymers (PEF)