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3D-Project DMX

  • Project Description

    This project aims mainly at demonstrating DMXTM CO2 Capture technology in AMAL’s Dunkirk (FR) steel mill on an industrial pilot plant. Waste Heat Recovery well combined with DMXTM process will allow reaching unprecedent CO2 Capture cost under 40 €/tCO2. Downstream requirements and environmental, societal and stakeholder’s expectations are dealt from the beginning and all-along the project. Moreover, DMXB solvent production will be optimised industrially and environmentally, through LCA.

    Poroject Lead: IFPEN

  • Geographical Information

    Region: Europe

    Country: France

    City/Town: Dunkirk

  • Project Boundaries

    Timeline Start - End: 2019-05-01 - 2023-04-30

    Project Status: Completed

    Project Budget: 19239368.51 €

    Funding source: 76% H2020

  • Technological Information


    - Life cycle assessment (LCA)

    - CCU

    CO2 Source: Steel production

    CCU Tecnology Category: Capture (Point sources)

    Facility stage: Planning

    Start TRL: 5

    End TRL: 7

  • Technological Details

    CO2 capture/Utilization:

    Production Volume: 0.5t CO2/h

  • Product Information

    Product Categories:

    - Captured CO2

    Specific Product(s):

  • Partners

    - TOTAL

    - AMAL

    - BREVIK

    - CMI

    - Axens


    - Gassco

    - ACP

    - IFPEN

    - Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)

    - Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hogeschool (RWTH Aachen Universit)