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  • Project Description

    The goal of the project CO2EXIDE is the establishment of an electrochemical, energy efficient and near-to CO2-neutral process for the production of the bulk chemical ethylene from CO2, water and renewable energy. One of the central steps is the development of a new type of electrolyser that enables a simultaneous reaction on both anode and cathode, which is more efficient in terms of energy and resources.

    Poroject Lead: Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology

  • Geographical Information

    Region: Europe

    Country: Germany

  • Project Boundaries

    Timeline Start - End: 2018-01-01 - 2020-12-31

    Project Status: Completed

    Project Budget: 5420113.25 €

    Funding source: 100% H2020 (SPIRE)

  • Websites

  • Technological Information


    - Technology Infractructure (CCU)

    - Techno-economic analysis

    - Research (CCU)

    - Product assessment

    - Life cycle assessment (LCA)

    - Coordination & support activities (CSA)

    - Communication

    CO2 Source: Biogas

    CCU Tecnology Category: Utilization

    Info On Utilization:

    - Electrochemical conversion

    Start TRL: 4

    End TRL: 6

  • Technological Details

    CO2 capture/Utilization:

    Production Volume:

  • Product Information

    Product Categories:

    - Chemicals

    Specific Product(s): Ethylene oxide

  • Partners

    - SOTON – University of Southampton, department Engineering and the Environment

    - Siemens

    - SG – Schaeffler Technologies

    - ISSP – Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia

    - IGB – Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnolog

    - EPC gGmbH – EPC project corporation for Climate. Sustainability. Communications.

    - EIJKU – Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz

    - BME – Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    - Axiom angewandte Prozesstechnik (AXIOM)

    - University of Science and Technology Krákow (AGH)