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CO2 To Graphene Reactors

  • Project Description

    Carbon Upcycling Technologies has developed a technology the captures CO2, combines it with graphite and converts it into carboxylated layers of graphene. This graphene an be used for adding mechanical strength to cement or for use in water-purification membranes. The technology required is small and easily implemented by producers with high CO2 emissions from a variety of industries. The graphene product created from the process is a brand new family of nanoparticle. The uses for graphene are continually being developed and represent significant potential.

    Poroject Lead: Carbon Upcycling Technologies

  • Geographical Information

    Region: North America

    Country: Canada

  • Project Boundaries

    Timeline Start - End: -

    Project Status: Completed

    Project Budget: 441.0 €

    Funding source: 92% ERA (Emissions Reduction Alberta)

  • Technological Information


    - CCU

    CO2 Source: Varied (point sources)

    CCU Tecnology Category: Utilization

    Info On Utilization:

    - Mineralization (Carbonation)

  • Technological Details

    CO2 capture/Utilization:

    Production Volume:

  • Product Information

    Product Categories:

    - (Building) Materials

    Specific Product(s): Graphene

  • Partners