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  • Project Description

    The unique innovation in “TRANSFORMATE” is the full integration and optimization of a two-stage process (electrolysis and fermentation) for the direct conversion of CO2 into biopolymers via formic acid. For the first time, a formic acid electrolyzer is coupled to a bioreactor and the interaction of the integrated system will be optimized. In a first step, CO2 is reduced by electrochemical conversion to formic acid. In a second step, the formic acid is fed into a bioreactor, where formic acid metabolizing microorganisms (formatotrophs) convert the feedstock formic acid into specialty chemicals at very high selectivity.

    Poroject Lead: b.fab GmbH

  • Geographical Information

    Region: Europe

    Country: Germany

  • Project Boundaries

    Timeline Start - End: 2020-01-03 - 2023-02-28

    Project Status: Ongoing

    Project Budget: 0.0 €

    Funding source: BMBF

  • Technological Information


    - Techno-economic analysis

    - Life cycle assessment (LCA)

    - CCU

    CO2 Source: Not specified (point sources)

    CCU Tecnology Category: Utilization

    Info On Utilization:

    - Electrochemical conversion

    - Biological conversion

  • Technological Details

    CO2 capture/Utilization:

    Production Volume:

  • Product Information

    Product Categories:

    - Polymers

    - Chemicals

    Specific Product(s): Formate, which is then converted to biopolymers

  • Partners

    - b.fab GmbH

    - Max-Planck-Institut für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung

    - Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie

    - DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e. V.

    - Universität Stuttgart

    - YNCORIS GmbH & Co. KG

    - Ertel IonStream UG